About WIN 4.0

Western’s Industry 4.0 Network (WIN 4.0) which aims to achieve three objectives:


  1. Establish interdisciplinary research projects among the Faculties of Engineering, Science, and Ivey Business School. The collaboration will take the form of i) student co-supervision; ii) enhancement of course materials, capstone projects, and joint fourth year projects and; iii) compilation of academia-industry projects with groups in Canada and abroad.
  2. Compilation of a comprehensive Body of Knowledge for Industry 4.0 curricula for the purpose of designing a professional Master’s program covering areas of additive manufacturing, robotics, ICT, materials, finance, management, and operations research.
  3. Initiation of international workshop series related to Industry 4.0 as well as students and scholars exchanges.


Our mission:

“create a collaborative environment in which industrial partners can actively engage in joint research with Western researchers, increasing at the same time the international profile and   impact of Canada’s industry in areas related to Industry 4.0”